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The Optimist  Dinghy

The Optimist Dinghy has been around for 57 years. This is a perfect design to complete between parents and their children. It is also has an Olympic Class of it's own making it the ultimate extra mural activity.

Originally made in wood it was then replaced by a 'GRP' design. This design seemed to be stronger and much lighter than the older wooden boats.

The Wood-Epoxy design is still built to the original class rules but certain changes were made to make the design lighter and even stronger than the 'GRP' design at a fraction of the price. With adding the additional thin epoxy saturation to the hull it keeps the boat's surface from drawing in moisture that could add weight.

Our kit is complete with the materials needed to construct the new Wood-Epoxy Optimist. We also supply a building jig which is strongly recommended to assit in both the building and measurement of the boat. The Optimist can be supplied in a heavier grade Ply if training is all the boat will be used for, this being a cheaper option. (This price is available on request.)

What the boat consists of:

  • Marine Grade Ockume plys to BS1088 standard

    2 x 4mm x 72mm x 2300mm (3-ply stringers)
    1 x 4mm x 182mm x 2300mm (3-ply hog)
    1 x 6mm x 1220mm x 2500mm (5-ply plywood)
    1½ x 12mm x 1220mm x 2500 (7-ply plywood)
    ½ x 9mm x 1220mm x 1220mm (5-ply exterior grade hardboard to make spacer bulkheads)

  • The CNC machine work to cut the above plys to the right shapes; (Hull sides, stern, bow, bottom panel including the daggerboard panel, mast bulkhead and thwart, canter bulkhead and daggerboard case sides, two dummy spacer bulkheads, templates to shape the Meranti wood parts for the floatation, kicking strap mount blocks, corners to stiffen the hull with and the rudder and daggerboard.)

  • Meranti wood machined and planed all round;

    6 x 16mm x 35mm x 2400mm
    2 x 20mm x 25mm x 2400mm
    1 x 16mm x 150mm x 1800mm
    2 x 27mm x 50mm x 400mm
    1 x 60mm x 100mm x 180mm

  • Cross rail stiffeners; (removed when the hull is built)

    1 x 22mm x 44mm x 380mm
    1 x 22mm x 44mm x 700mm
    1 x 22mm x 44mm x 830mm

  • Cleats 22mm x 22mm
  • Resolution Epoxy.3kgs
  • Screws
  • Graded Teak Wood Flour ½ kg
Price for Ockume plys: On request

The Building Jig:

This is used to shape the new Wood-Epoxy design's lower panel, you can shape this yourself but our Jig Kit sets you up right away. It is made from two 16mm chipboard panels, 600mm x 2700mm. The jig is all CNC cut to shape and can be used a number of times.

Price: On request

Complete Sail Away Optimist

This is a finished hull and all deck gear,rigging & sails needed to sail the boat!

That includes building,painting and fitting equipment

The following equipment is included:
Silver Optiparts mast
North Clubman sail
Floatation bags x 3
Deck gear,Harken
Rudder Clip
Mast Lock
Mast Sleeve

Other parts on request

Price: On request

Kit Instruction Manual:

This consists of the step-by-step process to construct the Wood-Epoxy Kit included with all our kits.

Optimist Plans:

You can purchase your plans from the 'International Optimist Dinghy Association'.

Email: 100540.2646@compuserve.com
Website: www.optiworld.org

This will get you a booklet and a set of plans to build the Optimist. But BEWARE errors have unfortunately been found with these plans. A past test project using these plans proved that the dimensions were incorrect. If you attempt to build an Optimist using these plans it will not measure within Class Rules!

We have rectified these errors in our kit design although we do advise that should the Class Rules be important to you that you dry assemble your kit, remove it from the jig and have it measured prior to gluing together. We used this process when rectifying the errors and had the boat Tub tested by a recognized measurer.


North Sails:

Club Main:

Grand Prix:

Grand Prix, NZ radial:


Prices: On request

Deck Gear:

All the deck gear is genuine HARKEN ®

#2651 - 40mm Tl-Lito Block
#2625 - 57mm Single Ratchamatic
#369 - Small Stand-up Boot
#2652 - 40mm Stand-up Block
#391 - 16mm Hook-in Halyard
#224 - 22mm Single Block

Prices: On request

All HARKEN® equipment is available from us.

Spar set:

All the bellow parts are genuine OptipartsTM

#975 Black-gold set complete
#1048 Silver set complete
#1075 Trolley/dolly small wheels
#1081 Optimist Top Cover Breathable
#1082 Optimist top cover 'economy'
#1095 Padded bottom cover for Optimist
#1180 Rudder retaining clip
#1203 Mastlock
#1442R Hand Bailer
#1210 Mastsleeve with collar
#1215 Buoyancy Bag, 43L, Grey
Sail ties

Prices: On request

All OptipartsTM equipment is available from us.

Optimist workshop
We have sent many of our boat kits to Switzerland, recently to Basil in Zurich.
Basil is now running his own web site to promote his builds.

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All prices are in RSA Rand and exclude local VAT. It is important to take into account that the above prices DO NOT include delivery, shipping or packing costs. All prices are subject to change without notice.

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