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DD 26 Trailer Cruiser

DD 26 Trailer Cruiser

DD 26 Trailer Cruiser

This spacious and fast design by Dix Design has a number of options, from the longer racer cockpit and an adequate interior, to the shorter cockpit and much larger interior, which also includes a double berth, not bad for a 26ft yacht! You can also extend the rear transom and install a boarding scoop; some have made their boats 15 % larger by extending the hull sides upwards. If the spacing to the bulkheads is increased you will have a boat that is nearly 30ft long!!

Our kit supplies all of the components from the, hull, deck, internal bulkheads to the cockpit and coachroof. The scaphs required for the bulkheads are pre-cut so you cannot make a mistake during assembly.

What the kit includes:

  • Marine Lightweight Ockume Plywood to BS1088 Grade:
    4mm X 7 sheets
    6mm X 4 sheets
    9mm X 20 sheets
    12mm X 6 sheets

  • All CNC Machine work for the bulkheads, hull & deck skins, cockpit, coachroof, and interior.

  • Sawn Pine to Building Stocks
    22m of 25 X 150mm
    15 of 50 X 50mm
    8m of 75 X 75mm

  • Maranti wood for Stringers and Joinery, machined and shaped
    (Note: We can supply a more expensive alternative, a clear grade Oregon pine.)

    5m of 12 X 22mm
    73m of 22 X 22mm
    17m of 22 X22mm
    4m of 22 X 32mm
    19m of 22 X 44mm
    23m of 22 X 64mm
    4m of 22 X 100mm
    39m of 23 X 32mm
    74m of 32 X 32mm
    6m of 44 X 44mm

  • Iroko wood (or similar)
    20m of 69 X 69mm

  • Screws
  • Glass Tape
  • 50kg Epoxy
Price: On request

Also Available

Set of hot poured lead Ballast halves

Drop Keel Foil, shaped and glassed

Lifting Rudder

Prices: On request


Please note

Plans must be bought prior to or with the purchase of the kit and are available directly from us.

Price: On request

All prices are in RSA Rand and exclude local VAT. It is important to take into account that the above prices DO NOT include delivery, shipping or packing costs. All prices are subject to change without notice.
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