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Cape Henry 21

Cape Henry 21

Cape Henry 21

Cape Henry 21

Plywood Lapstrake Traditional Trailer-sailer

This Dix Design, the lapstrake plywood Cape Henry 21, was developed out of his earlier GRP Cape Cutter 19 design. The Hull is styled after the traditional English sailing craft, from which many modern designs have been born. The Cape Cutter proved to become very popular; with requests for similar boats in larger sizes Dix Design developed the Cape Henry, which produced 1/3 more boat in terms of volume and displacement, with resulting benefits in space, stability and performance.

In building you own kit you will learn many skills along the way, it has been developed so that any handyman with basic skills should be able to build their own Cape Henry of which to be proud of.

We supply all that is required to construct one hull and deck unit. We do not include for the boat's interior or paints and varnish, these extras can also be supplied on request.

The kit can be bought in two different grades of ply, the one being the 'WBP' (Waterproof and boil proof), which is a heavier grade but saves in cost. The other grade is the Genuine BS1088 Ockume Marine Ply, which is lightweight but will cost more. All ply is CNC cut, this includes the bulkheads, hull, deck, coachroof and cockpit.

What the kit includes:

  • 36 sheets of lightweight 10mm, 1220 x 2440mm marine ply to BS1088 Grade
    32 sheets of heavier 10mm, 1220 x 2440mm 'WBP' ply & 4 sheets of marine grade ply
  • The CNC cutting

  • Sawn pine for building stocks ect
    17m of 25 X 125mm (rails)
    12m of 50 X 50mm (bulkhead legs)
    5m of 75 X 75mm (posts)

  • Mernati wood planed all round
    6m of 12 X 30mm (washboard slides)
    2m of 12 X 92mm (framing for centreplate casing)
    2m of 16 X16mm (hatch trims)
    2m of 20 X 56mm (toerail bases)
    149m of 22 X 22mm (hull stringers, framing, joinery cleats)
    2m of 22 X 28mm (framing to centreplate casing)
    2m of 22 X 26mm (cockpit locker framing)
    66m of 22 X 32mm (deck stringers, framing)
    2m of 22 X 41mm (cockpit locker framing)
    13m of 22 X 44mm (berth bearers, toerails)
    1m of 28 X110mm (framing to centre plate casing)
    1m of 32 X 50mm (hatch coaming)
    3m of 42 X 55mm (hatch garage front)
    2m of 44 X 44mm Triangular fillet (cockpit locker framing)
    13m of 44 X 76mm (Keel, engine well kerb)
    0.3m of 80 X 80mm (Samson post)

  • 40kg of epoxy and cure agents
  • Glass tapes and Biaxial Cloth
  • Screws
  • Scales kit for measuring glues to the correct ratio.

Price: On request

Mast and Boom

We include a set of mast assembly jigs, plus the correct grade of Phenolic glues for construction and CD manual on the construction method.
  • Solid Timber for Spars

    55m of 18 X 43mm (Mast staves)
    4m of 55 X55mm (Gaff)
    4m of 55 X 82mm (Boom)
    1.5m of 76 X76mm (Mast inserts)
    1.5m of 82 X 82mm (Bowsprit)

Price to this stage: available on request

We can also supply the mast and spar kit assembled and ready for varnishing.

Price avialable on request


Plans must be bought with or prior to an order. They may be purchased directly from us or from Dix Designs, visit www.dixdesign.com for more information.

We offer a special 15% discount on plans that are purchased with our kits.

Price:On request
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