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The Sportz 16 brief was for a fast and thrilling racing yacht with excellent performance high on the priority list, but yet at the same time it had to be easy to sail, with a comfortable cockpit for weekend day sailing for the family and a competitive racer without breaking the budget. The cockpit size and deck layout had to be carefully balanced to achieve this three fold role. The result is an attractive, easily to handle, ‘club racer’ or weekend day sailor.

The sailplan

The Sportz 16 supports a well-proportioned fractional rig balancing a non-overlapping self tacking jib for ease of control. The main is on a traveler, optimising main sheet control and adjustment to get the most out of every puff of breeze. In regards to tacking, it’s easy. Turn the rudder! The self tacking jib automatically swings across and takes care of itself. The main comes about and you’re off again. The shrouds are attached outboard and fastened to a bulkhead, optimised for maximum strength and better staying angles. This also allows for a lighter mast and rigging.

On deck

The Sportz 16’s cockpit is 8.4ft (2.56m) long! Not only is it well laid out for a racing crew, but in weekend cruising mode adds considerable space. Early in the design process, we decided to keep a full transom (to keep the kids on board when they run amok!), but should seas come aboard, it will drain quickly through the transom scuppers.

The centreboard case, down the centre of the ‘crew’ cockpit, enables you to adjust the depth of the centreboard to suit for various water depths and sailing angles to the wind. The seating deck height above the sole being 18in, provides excellent and comfortable seating arrangement without being hunched over with your knees in your face. Bracing, when sailing hard upwind, is provided by ‘hiking straps’ attached to the cockpit sole. All sail controls, main halyard, reefing, vang, spinnaker halyard and spinnaker controls lead aft to Cam-Cleats mounted within the cockpit for ease of control.

The Sportz 16 also incorporates a toe rail running around the perimeter of the entire deck giving a secure seating edge, but it also provides a comfortable grip for hiking out when you feel your ‘primal instinct’ kicking in.


The Sportz 16, designed to ABS Ocean Racing Yacht scantlings, is built of strip plank Western Red Cedar or Kiri for the hull and plywood for the decks and interior. Sandwiched in epoxy, and directional E-glass fabrics, this results in a stronger, tougher and more durable ‘composite’ boat, yet still retaining its lightweight construction and ability to be built on a tight budget.


The Sportz 16 is designed for fast sailing! She has an excellent power-to-weight ratio (sail area/displacement ratio of 24!) means a very high performance racer. Her (disp/length = 105) puts her in the ultra light category and a sail area / wetted surface area of 2.2 indicates an excellent performer in light airs. With a fine entry for wave penetration, and ‘planing’ sections aft for easy surfing, computer velocity predictions indicate that the Sportz 16 will exceed her maximum theoretical hull speed. The Sportz 16’s keel and rudder is also carefully proportioned and designed, for excellent control and upwind ability.

OVERALL DIMENSIONS LOA (Length Overall) 16ft / 4.87m
DWL (Datum Waterline Length) 14ft 4in / 4.37m
BOA (Beam Overall) 6ft 6in / 1.98m
BWL (Beam Waterline) 4ft 4in / 1.32m
Dfb (Draft Hull ) 6in / 0.152m
D Draft Max 3ft 8in / 1.11m
HYDROSTATICS Displacement 726 lb / 330kg
D/L (Displacement/Length Ratio) 105 / 105
PPI (Pounds Per Inch) 235 lb./in / 0.042 tonnes/cm
MTI (Moment to Trim 1 inch)
188.2 ft.lb./in. / 0.01 tonne.m
SW (Wetted Surface) 56.68sqft / 5.265sqm
SA/SW (Sail Area/ Wetted surface ratio) 2.2 / 2.2
SAIL AREA Type of Rig Fractional
Sail Area Total 120.00sqft / 11.14sqm
Sail Area Main 80.63sqft / 7.5sqm
Sail Area Fore 39.71sqft / 3.7sqm
SA/Disp (Sail Area/Disp. Ratio) 24.00

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