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Roy Mc Bride
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Since 1968

Argie 10ft Sailing Dinghy

This lovely little 'Stitch and Glue' boat is another very popular design by the well know designer Dudley Dix. It's practical size means it can fit perfect on top of your car roof racks for easy transit.

What the kit includes:

  • 3 sheets of lightweight 5 ply BS1088 Marine Plywood
  • The CNC cutting
  • Designer fees and postage of plans
  • Meranti wood planed all round

    6 x 3.5m of 8 x 40mm
    1m of 13 x 13mm
    3m of 13 x 20mm
    4m of 15 x 20mm
    18m of 20 x 20mm
    2m of 20 x 40mm
    0.5m of 20 x 50mm
    0.3m of 20 x 130mm

  • Fibre Glass tape 50mm x 35m
  • Copper wire 1.5mm x 30m
  • Epoxy 'Resolution' grade 3.5kgs (includes 2 types of hardeners; one construction and one saturation.)
  • Solid Brass screws 16mm x #8 x 200 piece
  • Solid Brass screws 20mm x #8 x 200 piece
Price: On request

Mast and Boom

  • 50.8mm x 3mm x 5m alloy tube
  • 50.8mm x 3mm x 2.5m alloy tube
  • Hardware mast plug x 260mm
Price to this stage: available on request

Optimist workshop
We have sent many of our boat kits to Switzerland, recently to Basil in Zurich.
Basil is now running his own web site to promote his builds.

Please note

All prices are in RSA Rand and exclude local VAT. It is important to take into account that the above prices DO NOT include delivery, shipping or packing costs. All prices are subject to change without notice.
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