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Didi 29 Retro

This design was commissioned by a client who likes the concept and features of theDIDI 26 but wanted a more classic appearance.

Most of the boat is the same as the DIDI 26, with some obvious differences. The springy sheer curve was achieved by adding bulwarks that are 100mm (4") high in the bow and taper down to normal toerail height for the length of the cockpit. This gives safety for working the foredeck but allows crew to sit comfortably on the rail at the cockpit.

The cabin has been changed to a more boxy traditional configuration with the sides and ends close to vertical. The roof has compound curves that might mot be easy to skin with plywood, so it will be done with strip cedar glassed over. The cabin is a bit narrower, giving wider sidedecks that on the 26.

What the kit includes:

The following list of materials is approximate and intended for calculation of approximate costs. We offer no guarantees of accuracy. The list is for all timber in the construction of hull, deck and interior, including building stocks, temporary bracing etc. Allowance has been made in the quantities for wastage of 20% on solid timber and 33% on plywood, with the exception of the building stocks and chipboard, which are net.
    CHIPBOARD (for setting out bulkheads if building from offsets)
  • 1,83x2,74m (6'x9') 16mm (5/8") - 1 sheet

  • MARINE PLYWOOD 1,22x2,44m (4'x8') (preferably Gaboon or Okoume plywood)
  • 4.5mm (3/16") - 8 sheets (use 4mm if 4.5mm is not available)
  • 6mm (1/4") - 4 sheets
  • 9mm (3/8") - 24 sheets
  • 12mm (1/2") - 6 sheets

  • SAWN PINE (for building stocks etc)
  • 25X125mm (1"x5") (rails) - 22m
  • 50x50mm (2"x2") (bulkhead legs) - 15m
  • 75x75mm (3"x3") (posts) - 8m

  • CEDAR or similar, selected, free of knots, shakes fractures etc
  • 12x22mm (1/2"x 7/8") (washboard slides) - 5m (17')
  • 22x22mm (7/8"x7/8") (radius stringers, deck stringers, joinery cleats) - 112m (367')
  • 22x22mm (7/8"x7/8") Triangular fillets (keel box, cockpit) - 17m (56')
  • 22x32mm (7/8"x1 1/4") (bulkhead cleats) - 4m (14')
  • 22x44mm (7/8"x1 3/4") (berth bearers, beams, hatch slides) - 19m (63')
  • 22x64mm (7/8"x2 1/2") (sheer clamps, hatch frame) - 23m (76')
  • 22x100mm (7/8"x4") (companion ladder) - 4m (14')
  • 23x32mm (29/32"x1 1/4") (tangent stringers) - 39m (128')
  • 32x32mm (1 1/4"x1 1/4") (side & bottom stringers) - 35m (115')
  • 44x44mm (1 3/4"x1 3/4") Triangular fillet (foot braces) - 6m (20')

  • SAPELE MAHOGANY or similar dense hardwood
  • 69x69mm (2 3/4"x2 3/4") (keel foil) - 20m (66')

  • RESIN & GLASS (for coatings and reinforced areas)
  • Epoxy resin (low viscosity 100% solids) - 60kg (132lb)
  • 50mm (2") Wide woven tape - 80m (262')
  • 75mm (3") Wide tape - 16m (53')
  • 300g/sq.m (9oz/sq.yd) Woven roving - 2sq.m (22sq.ft)
  • 450g/sq.m Biaxial fabric - 10sq.m (120sq.ft)

Plus 5% on this list. Prices on application.

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Please note

All prices are in RSA Rand and exclude local VAT. It is important to take into account that the above prices DO NOT include delivery, shipping or packing costs. All prices are subject to change without notice.
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