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Timber has been the base core of our company over 16 years. We stock a variety of timbers but can source most exotic timber. While most of our timbers are used in the Marine industry a large amount is also used for domestic constructions such as furniture, flooring and decking. We have a fully operational workshop equipped to machine, rip to size and par, most orders.

American White Ash

This wood is strong and nice to work with. It is pale in colour and has a wide grain pattern. It can be used in joinery, the in-fill for Teak & Holly floors and to make items such as boat tillers.

We stock this in 50mm

Price: Available on request

Oregon Pine

This is a clear wood having no or very few knots and is easy to machine. It is a good timber to use inside or outside on any boat. A material suitable to use for decking and is also useful for making Masts & Spars and stringers for hulls.

We stock this in up to 6.1 meters and 25mm X 150mm and up.

Price: Available on request

American White Beech

This tight-grained strong timber has a pale white to pink colour. It is very sought after for constructing furniture and inside boat joinery but is not suitable for external use and must be protected from salt water as it will stain a light blue colour if wet.

We stock this in 25mm x 150mm

Price: Available on requeest


This strong hardwood is pink to red in colour. It weighs more than other timbers such as Cedar and Oregon but is about half the price. Used for Stringers and Joinery on boats and domestic decking, doors and windows. This wood displays better varnished or painted.

We stock this in up to 3.1m long and 50mm x 150mm

Price: Available on request


This wood is a pleasure to work with. It is pale cream to green in colour. The green fades to a very nice shade of light brown. It is not suitable for constructing hulls and decks in boat building, although it can be used internally for joinery and items such as panel doors and drawers. This is also a good domestic material for furniture, and solid wood floors.

We stock this in 25mm x 130mm and wider.

Price: Available on request


We stock genuine "Tectona Gradis" shipped direct from Singapore. This is a perfect timber to use on any boat, from the keels to the hull and decks. It is also a fantastic domestic timber ideal for doors and windows. If treated correctly it has known to last for 200yrs.

Available in most dimensions.

Price: Available on request

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