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We stock wide range of adhesives, all of which are extensively used in our workshop and supplied to our clients. Advice on any of our supplied products is freely available.

The Epoxies

  • Resolution 816

    This epoxy has a wide range of uses from the construction of boats and their components, to saturating and sealing surfaces.

    Sold in 1kg packs and larger Price available on request

  • Titainium White Epoxy Base

    Our own mix.

    Sold in 1kg packs and larger Price available on request

The Cure Agents

  • CV 140 Cure Agent

    This is an assembly/ building cure agent. It has a slow curing time of three or more hours. To minimize wastage we advise that the left over mix is combined with our special graded teak wood dust to fill holes and do fillets.

  • E 205 Cure Agent

    This is a thin, clear agent used to wet out glass cloth and tapes and to saturate wood and plywood surfaces. It can also be used with our Titanium White Prime Epoxy. When using this product mix small batches at a time as it can heat up and go off in a short time in warmer weather. We advise mixing it in a pot and the spreading it out in a painters tray, it can be applied with either a brush or a roller.

When working with any of these products you can wash your hands with warm soapy water.

Both of the cure agents may be seen to be an irritant! Use these products in well-ventilated spaces and wear a good facemask with filters if there is danger of inhaling in fumes.

Phenolic Resin and Powder Glue

Blue-black resin and white powder glue is the basic glue that holds our waterproof ply's together. This is the best system for laminating items such as stringers and bulkhead scarphs. It is also the only system to use when building wood spars and masts. (Please do not use epoxies for such items!)

The product we sell has a medium pot life of one to two hours. If you are building large items such as masts, we can have a slow cure mix made up for you.

  • Phenolic Resin Glue

    Sold in 2.4kg packs Price available on request

PVA Water Based Wood Glue

This is genuine PVA Waterproof Glue, which is ideal for all types of construction on boats. It is so good that it has been locally tested and approved by 'SABS'(South African Bureau of Standards). This glue is suitable for both hard and soft woods. Being so user friendly and its low cost makes it an affordable alternative to the more expensive products.

Sold in 5kg packs Price available on request


  • Black Silicone Rubber

    This can be used for curtain wall glazing and has a modulus elasticity of around 35% simply meaning it can move and stretch with whatever it is applied to. This product will not degrade under the suns UV rays. We use it mainly to caulk teak decks. It's slow curing time of a few days' makes it is easy to work with. Black Silicone Rubber should be left for at least four to five days before belt sanding. Unlike standard silicone there are no or very little fumes with this mix.

    Sold in 300 ml tubes (To be used with an applicator gun) Price available on request

  • White Butylene Rubber

    This is the right product to use on boats when sealing windows and deck hardware down. It's surface will tack dry but the underneath will stay soft thus making the joint tight. This process means that you can easily remove fittings and hatches at any future time.

    Sold in 300 ml tubes (To be used with an applicator gun) Price available on request

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