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Welcome to CKD Boats

We offer a wide range of products and services in the marine industry.

CKD Boats specialise in developing Kit boats and supply CNC cut designs from as small as the Optimist Dinghy to as big as a 43ft Dix Design yacht and larger. The kits consist of either the basic materials to assemble just the hull and deck or a full package from the building materials right through to the mast, rigging and sails etc.

While timber and veneer prices remain fairly stable, the price of resin continues to soar. We envisage timber and Kit boat building will become more popular over the next couple of years.

The Optimist Sailing Dinghy is one of the most exciting self-build boats on the market, it is not too big and fairly simple to construct when in the kit form. This makes it a great family project to undertake. Once it is built it can be officially measured to fall into a world Optimist "class", this will allow the boat to sail in any optimist regatta in your country.

KD 860 - Offshore Catamaran Paper jet 14 The Optimist Dinghy

Offshore Catamaran

DD Paper Jet 14

The Optimist Dinghy

Please take a look at some of the work we have done in previous projects. From the restoration of a 'Tumlaren' called "Astra" to a new construction of a 38ft motor-sailer/power boat. 

Argie 15ft Sailing Dinghy

This design is one of our larger sailing dinghies designed by the world famous yacht designer Dudley Dix, suitable for overnight and inshore sea sailing in fair conditions. It is large enough to carry a decent payload of equipment and a nice outboard for motor sailing.

Reports from Dudley Dix himself prove that this little boat has been a very popular design. Selling so many sets of plans for both this and its smaller sister, the Argie 10, that he has now lost count!

What the kit includes:

  • Six sheets of lightweight 6mm, 1220x2440mm marine ply to BS1088 Grade
  • The CNC cutting
  • Meranti wood planed all round

    42m of 8 X 40mm (sheer strakes)
    1.5m of 15 X 30mm (tiller)
    10m of 19 X 75mm (rudder blade, daggerboard)
    40m of 20 X 20 mm (stringers, seat edges & stiffeners, cleats, access hatch battens)
    2.3m of 20 X 140mm (transom board, out board motor board, daggerboard case aft bracket)
    7m of 30 X 30mm (runners, mast partners)
    2.3m of 30 X 100mm ( daggerboard case top braces, skeg, mast partners, mast step, bow knee)

  • Fibre Glass tape 50mm X 65m
  • Copper wire 1.5mm X 30m
  • Epoxy 'Resolution' Brand 10kgs
  • Posi drive screws 20mm X #8 X 400 pieces

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The TRIKA 540 is a versatile super-fun boat for one or two. It was designed from the ground up for efficiency, speed and easy handling. It is not a retrofitted kayak but specifically created for excellent performance both under sail and while paddling.

In its basic form it is stable and very fast two person kayak, small enough to be paddled by one person yet long enough to take two on a camping trip!


  • Fast and stable Kayak for one or two
  • Assembled within 25 minutes to a sailing trimaran, no tools needed
  • Waterline length as long as hull length
  • Main hull bow with narrow V-shape
  • Amas (floats) optional with wave piercing bows
  • Easily retractable/removable amas
  • Amas can be stored in main hull for easier transport or storage
  • Truly car-toppable, no trailer needed
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The Wood Shop stocks a wide variety of timbers suitable for the Marine Trade. We also source and machine a large amount of timber for the domestic trade such as materials for furniture, flooring and decking.   more info

The Glue Shop supplies a selection of adhesives, all extensively used in our workshop and supplied with our Kit Boats. Advise on all our supplied products is freely available.
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In our Plywood Shop we can supply a varied range of waterproof plywood at both WBP (waterproof and boil proof) and Ockume Marine Grade stamped BS1880. Also in stock is a wide range of waterproof bendable plywood.
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In our Veneer Shop we stock Proflex 3000 with a FormicaTM backed flexible veneer, ideal for laminating to radius, curved and flat surfaces. This product is firmer than our standard flexible 'Craft Paper' backed veneers. We also sell Twin Veneer Laminate, which is both firmer and more flexible than the 'craft paper' veneers.
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